Strawberry / Fragaria


  • Strawberries are grown for industrial purposes, as well as an ornamental plant in gardens.
  • Flowers bloom in May / June, fruits ripen in June / July
  • Berries can be eaten straight from the bush picking, as well as the consumption of processed or frozen form.
  • Berries used in jams, syrup, juice, liquor, confectionery, etc. manufacture.
  • Strawberry is beneficial to health, including a wealth of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
  • Our berries come from Russia, Finland and Estonia.
  • We offer a “Fragaria x ananassa e. Strawberries
  • All of our berries are picked by hand and cleaned and frozen for later handling.
  • Our production is packed according to customer requirements.
  • Most of the EuroBerries products are shipped to the food industries as frozen berries.
  • We deliver berries worldwide.
Nutrition ElementsValue for 100gMineral ElementsValue for 100gVitaminsValue for 100gAmino AcidValue for 100g
Calories33 KcalPotassium (K)153 mgC 58,8 mgAspartic acid149 mg
Water90,95 gCalciu (Ca) 16 mgA 1,00 μgGlutamic acid98 mg
Carbohydrates7.68 gPhosphor (P) 24 mgβ-Carotene 7 µgLeucine34 mg
Fiber2.0 gMagnesium (Mg) 13 mgK2,2 μgAlanine33 mg
Proteins0.67 gManganes (Mn) 0,39 mgRiboflavin0.022 mgArginine28 mg
Fat0,30 gSodium (Na) 1,00 mgNiacin0.386 mgLysine26 mg
Fructose2,44 gIron (Fe)0.41 mgPantothenic acid0.125 mgGlycine26 mg
Glucose1,99 gCopper(Cu) 0,05 mgPyridoxine0.047 mgSerine25 mg
Starch0,04 gZinc (Zn) 0,14 mgE 0.29 mgTyrosine22 mg
Saccharose0,47 gSelenium (SE) 0,4 μgFolate24,0 μgThreonine20 mg
Ashes0,40 gFluoride4,4 μgProline20 mg
Lipids0,30 gLutein-zeaxanthin26,0 μgPhenylalanine19 mg
Valine19 mg