Bilberry / Vaccinium myrtillus


    • Bilberry – wild growing forest berry
    • Flowers bloom in May/June and
      the berries are ripe in July/August
    • Our berries come from Russia, Finland and Estonia
    • Bilberries are of the most common plant
      in Russia, Finland and Estonia.
    • Not to be confused with “blueberries”, i.e. American blueberries which are mostly
      cultivated, bigger in size and have white
      flesh compared to bilberries red flesh
    • Bilberries – are very popular berries used for jams, bakery products, ice cream, smoothies, juices,
      health care   products etc.
    • We supply  hand-picked and IQF fresh frozen wild bilberry
    • Our products are rich in antioxidants
    • The berries are packaged as required by our clients.
    • Most of the EuroBerries products are shipped to the pharmaceutical industry as a frozen berries
    • We deliver berries worldwide.
      Nutrition ElementsValue for 100gMineral ElementsValue for 100gVitaminsValue for 100g
      Calories48,0 kcalPotassium (K)103,0 mgC 44,0 mg
      Water87,1 gCalcium (Ca) 15,0 mgA 1,08 µg
      Carbohydrates11,5 gPhosphor (P) 9,0 mgβ-Carotene 13 µg
      Fiber2,8 gMagnesium (Mg) 7,0 mgB1 0,03 mg
      Proteins0,7 gManganese (Mn) 3,3 mgB2 0,03 mg
      Lipids0,5 gSodium (Na) 3,0 mgB3 0,40 mg
      Ashes0,2 gFerrum (Fe) 0,8 mgB5 0,16 mg
      Copper (Cu) 0,11 mgB6 0,06 m
      Zinc (Zn) 0,1 mgE 1,9 mg
      Iodine (I) 1,2 μgFolate6,0 µg
      Chromium (Cr) 1,0 μg

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